Ministry of Environment invited GWP-Lithuania to represent Lithuanian water resources in the international exhibition EXPOZARAGOZA 2008 with the topic „Water and sustainable development“.

On 16 April, 2008 in Narutis hotel, Vilnius, GWP-Lithuania and the Ministry of Environment organized a seminar on ” Water and Sustainable Development – highlighting the achievements of Lithuania“ , which was attended by over 50 participants from different water sectors and institutions. The workshop participants agreed on the main themes and messages should be presented at the international exhibition in Spain EXPOZARAGOZA – 2008. Agenda and presentations of the seminar in Narutis hotel in Lithuanian language can be downloaded here:

Eight representatives from Lithuania attended international exhibition in Spain and presented information on sustainable management of Lithuanian water resources. Agenda and presentations of the seminar can be downloaded here:

2000 copies of brochures in Spanish language have been pulblished and distributed among the visitors of Lithuanian pavilion.

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