In 2013 Global Water Partnership (GWP) and World Meteorological organization (WMO) launched a joint Integrated Drought Management Programme to improve monitoring and prevention of one of the world’s greatest natural hazards. Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe implements the Integrated Drought Management Programme in cooperation with the Drought Management Centre for South Eastern Europe and the Country Water Partnerships in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

GWP-Lithuania is represented by the specialists of Vilnius University, the Department of Hydrology and Climatology.

The following tasks and activities are cocered by the Lithuanian experts:

• Assessment of drought impact on forest ecosystems
• Establishment of methodology for assessment of drought impact on forest ecosystems
• Determination of vulnerability forest zones in contemporary climate (1960-1991), 2050 (realistic scenario) and 2100 (optimistic, realistic and pessimistic scenarios)
• Drought Risk Management Scheme: a decision support system
• Drought information exchange Platform
• Measures for reducing negative drought impact on forest ecosystems
• Evaluation of drought impact on water resources of Lithuania.

Two national dialogues on climate change and drought management were organized by GWP-Lithuania in Vilnius in 2013 and 2014. Presentations of national dialogues are presented in the Lithuanian version of this website. Report from the 2nd National dialogue held in Vilnius on 20 November 2014 can be downloaded here.

More information on Integrated Drought Management Programme can be found at

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