Global Water Partnership-Lithuania (GWP-Lithuania) was established in 2000 and officially registered in 2002 as Public Establishment “Vandens namai” (Water House)

Global Water Partnership-Lithuania is a non-profit organization, co-ordinator and catalyst for co-operation between local, regional and international water partners, society and decision makers. Main tasks of the GWP-Lithuania are:
– Facilitate implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management;
– Promote co-operation between water professionals and society on one hand and water professionals and politicians (decision makers) on the other hand:

• Foster collaboration between professional associations, academic sector, non government organizations (NGOs) and the private sector;

• Create an adequate mechanism and a coherent framework for the collaboration between the water partnerships, local resource centres, information and research organizations;

• Build the capacity of professionals by making full use of the experience of successful Water partnerships in Central – Eastern Europe and other regions.

– Propagate necessity to secure water resources – life source for present and future generations and environment;

Awareness raising on important water issues through seminars, workshops, translated GWP documents on various aspects of integrated water resources management are the most important activities of the GWP-Lithuania. Since 2002 GWP-Lithuania has started a new important activity related to facilitation of implementation of the WFD and other EU water directives and dialogues on agriculture and environment, water governance and financial flows.

GWP-Lithuania has established good co-operative contacts with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey, Ministry of Agriculture, Vilnius University and other water-related institutions.