Webinar – Demystifying Water Integrity

We invite you to join the webinar, on March 18, 2020 at 10 am CET:

Demystifying Water Integrity: From Policy to Practice Using the Integrity Management Toolbox

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A significant amount of the money invested in the water sector leaks out because of corruption. This represents a massive loss of resources and big drain on the reputation and effectiveness of players ensuring service delivery, and results in sub-standard service delivery.

There are some high-level policies in place to tackle the challenge, but key players in the sector, like water utilities, don’t often feel they have enough practical guidance to deal with the issues they actually face in their daily business. What do you do to make sure integrity risks don’t drag you down? What do you do when funds disappear or when vehicles and company resources are being used abusively for private purposes?

This webinar introduces the Integrity Management Toolbox, which has been developed to help sector institutions address these challenges in a structured and guided change management process. During the webinar, we will:

  • Discuss common integrity challenges
  • Introduce the Integrity Management Toolbox and how it can be used
  • Share first-hand experience from utility managers and integrity management coaches on their use of the tool and their motivations for working with an integrity lens.

The webinar is hosted by WIN and cewas.