GWP annual network meeting – for the first time in a ‘Follow-the-Sun’ format

GWP is inviting its Partners to the Annual Network Meeting – for the first time in a ‘Follow-the-Sun’ format. It is a format that allows GWP to consult with Partners in each region over a 24-hour period. Partners participate in a 2-hour session in each region (in their language and time zone), and then every region hands over their input to another region. The Network Meeting culminates in a summary and forward-looking global session at the end (recorded for those who cannot participate).

Three countries from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region (Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) will participate in the regional session on 27th September 14:00 – 16:00 UTC (15:00 – 17:00 CET). The discussion will be moderated by the regional secretariat. The link to this online meeting will be provided at All GWP CEE partners and peers are encourages to join the meeting and engage directly in the discussions. You can also email questions to

Detailed information about the Annual Network Meeting 2018.

Video invitation to the GWP meeting – Why join?